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Brickell/ Brickell Key
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Brickell/ Brickell Key

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Brickell International Academy

14 reviews
Awesome school!! Our oldest son has been very happy there and they learned a lot. He still goes back for summer camp! Our youngest has been there since she...
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La Prima Casa Montessori School

4 reviews
One word, three syllables! EX-CEL-LENT! I wish I would have put my daughter in La Prima Casa Montessori since we decided to put her in child care, but...
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Archbishop Curley Notre Dame High School

3 reviews
I was a bad girl. A very bad girl. Okay, so I was only a somewhat bad girl who just happened to cut a lot of classes. You can read about that in my...
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Southside Elementary School

2 reviews
I'd give it 2.5 stars, but I can't do that. I was a student there from first to fifth grade. I don't remember much, only the "major" moments. At first it...
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Mater Academy East Campus

1 reviews
Terrible school. They have children staying ridiculously late hours tutoring for state exams and then feed them the answers anyway to look good on test...
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Law Enforcement Officers' Memorial High School

1 reviews
I currently attend this school and honestly i can say that this school is fantastic. The teachers help make sure that the kids are on top of their...
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Saint Peter & Paul Catholic School

1 reviews
My school for 5 and I love this place! And I would never forget this school. It brings good memories thank you saints Peter and Paul
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