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Now You Can Find Beautiful Miami Beach Apartments for Sale – Cheaper/Faster

06 29, 2017
Moving to Miami Beach means you’ll be joining the high-life, and enjoying all that comes with living in one of the most luxurious cities in the U.S. You probably know that the listings in Miami Beach are gorgeous, and some of them are extremely expensive. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find amazing options for far, far less than the price-tag on some of the opulent condos. Miami Beach apartments for sale range dramatically in price, so don’t throw this option away before you check out what Miami Beach apartments for sale really has to offer. Here’s a stunning…
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Find A Quick Way to Locate the Best House For Sale In Miami Beach

06 27, 2017
Shopping for real estate can be one of two things: 1) Extremely exciting, or 2) Wildly stressful and frustrating (sometimes it’s a combination of the two). Especially in Miami Beach where there’s so any beautiful options, it can be a lot to take in, and make even the most seasoned of home-buyers shake. Are you looking to find the perfect house for sale in Miami Beach? Join the club! So many people search and search for real estate in Miami Beach and never even take the next step. It doesn’t have to be this way, though! When you know the…
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Short Story: The Truth About Beach Houses in Miami

06 22, 2017
Ah, yes. Miami. The beautiful city on the water. The city where everybody wants to buy their vacation property because of sun, the sand, the surf. If you’re thinking about buying property in Miami, you’ve likely thought about how important it is for you to be near a beach. So why not look for beach houses in Miami? Actually, there’s great reason to not spend time looking for beach houses in Miami, and that’s because there aren’t any. Seriously! Not technically, anyway. One of the most popular misconceptions about Miami is that it’s full of amazing beach houses—where you can…
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5 Incredibly Useful Tips About South Beach Homes For Sale

06 20, 2017
One of the most well-known neighborhoods in Miami is none other than South Beach, home to the beautiful white sand, the crystal-clear water, and of course the lifestyle. Who wouldn’t want to call this dreamy place home? Let’s go through a few tips to make sure you can make the most out of looking at South Beach homes for sale. The Price-Range Is Minimal The first tip that’s important to keep in mind is that South Beach homes for sale don’t range dramatically in price. Of course you’ll have the classic, multi-million dollar mansions, like this one. This 10 bedroom/…
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The Biggest Lie About Apartments For Sale in Miami Beach

06 15, 2017
When you think of Miami Beach, what comes to mind? The beach? The lifestyle? If you’re interested, here’s another great article about the Miami Beach lifestyle: Best Aspects of Miami Beach Living. Now think of real estate in Miami Beach… is the first word the comes to mind “expensive”? Possibly. Miami Beach is home to some of the most luxurious real estate in the U.S. Here are some of the gorgeous homes listed in Miami Beach that scream “luxurious”: Most Opulent Miami Beach Waterfront Homes. How about apartments for sale in Miami Beach? Is the first word that comes to…
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Miami Beach apartments for sale: Live the life of luxury

05 25, 2017
Miami Beach apartments for sale There are many Miami Beach apartment options that provide a full life of luxury. These three apartments have spectacular views, spanning over two or three levels to provide an elegant and unique living experience. From rooftop pools to secluded bedrooms and walls of glass to incorporate the view, this Miami Beach apartments are amazing examples of luxury living in the area. 800 S. Pointe Drive This Miami Beach apartment for sale has the best view and location of all the options in Miami. The unit is a tri-level penthouse with five bedrooms and seven bathrooms,…
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Real Estate in Miami Beach: Where you find the best properties

05 17, 2017
The best real estate is found in Miami Beach because these properties feel like private resorts, not just homes. Real estate in Miami Beach has a large price tag and that’s because it’s in a prime location with waterfrontage, backyard amenities like a swimming pool, patio, and entertainment space, and high-end interior amenities to complete the resort experience. These homes are highlights of Miami Beach real estate and showcase all that the area has to offer. Mediterranean estate This Mediterranean estate is one of the prime listings in the Miami Beach real estate market. The home was once owned by…
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What to look for when searching for Miami Beach Houses for Sale

05 15, 2017
There are three key aspects you should look for when searching for Miami Beach houses for sale. These areas will help you not only find the house of your dreams but also help maintain the resale value and turn your new house into an investment. When looking for a Miami Beach house you should pay close attention to the location, waterfrontage, and the opportunity the home offers. Location Finding Miami Beach houses for sale in an ideal location is something to look for when searching the market. The right location will increase your enjoyment on the property and will help…
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Miami Beach Waterfront Condos at the Fasano Residences

04 24, 2017
Before you buy any Miami Beach Waterfront Condos, you must read this article! The featured unit is located in the Fasano Residences in Miami Beach, which is slated to be built next door to the iconic Shore club on Collins Avenue. The Fasano Residences condominium building is located in the heart of South Beach, along 19th Street and Collins Avenue at 1901 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139. This preconstruction community is one of the hottest developments in Miami Beach, and is to be delivered in 2019. The unit featured in this post, Unit # C-1401, is listed at $14,643,720,…
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Best Ways to Observe Earth Day in Miami Beach

04 19, 2017
Observe Earth Day in Miami Beach Miami Beach is a wonderful place to reside. Fortunately, we are located in a beautiful city in which the planet Earth has granted us so much natural beauty. Earth Day is just around the corner, and now is the perfect time to show our appreciation to our little spot on the planet. This Earth Day we can celebrate our home planet, and give thanks for the sights and sounds that surround us. Take a look at some of the best ways to observe Earth Day in Miami Beach. Energy Efficient Miami Beach Properties In…
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Most Opulent Miami Beach Waterfront Homes

04 17, 2017
The most luxurious Miami Beach Waterfront Homes Miami Beach offers many exquisite waterfront homes and waterfront condos. Miami Beach residents choose to live here because of the gorgeous views and beautiful weather. The opulent Miami Beach lifestyle, which consists of haute dining options, high-end shopping, and world-class entertainment also attracts buyers to Miami Beach. If you’re interested in moving to Miami Beach, take a look at some of the best Miami Beach waterfront homes for sale, and get ready to move into the neighborhood. 5641 Pine Tree Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33140 This magnificent updated waterfront Mediterranean estate located at…
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Top 3 Miami Beach Penthouses

04 10, 2017
Miami Beach is truly the place you want to be, if you are seeking a luxurious lifestyle in the heart of one of the most famous vacation destinations in the world. Miami Beach offers buyers an array of luxury penthouses all within walking distance of the beach, high-end shopping, and haute cuisine. Additionally, Miami Beach residents choosing to live in a penthouse can enjoy resort-like amenities such as 24/7 concierge, security, and valet services, as well as state-of-the-art gyms and relaxing spas right at home. 300 South Pointe Drive # LP4004 Miami Beach, FL 33139 This gorgeous penthouse in the…
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Most Ocean Accessible Miami Beach Waterfront Homes

04 07, 2017
When people think about Miami Beach, one of the first things that comes to mind are the gorgeous views of the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay. Avid boaters and water enthusiasts love to live so close to the water and have Miami Beach waterfront homes with easy access to the ocean and bay. Fortunately for buyers seeking ocean access, and amazing views, Miami Beach has quite a few of these Miami Beach waterfront properties. If you’re interested in seeing what Miami Beach has to offer, then take a look at some of the most ocean accessible homes in Miami Beach.…
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Best Miami Beach Waterfront Homes for Sale

04 05, 2017
Every year, people decide to move to Miami Beach because of the classic Miami Beach lifestyle surrounded by water, sun, and fun. With beautiful weather and breathtaking views, it’s no wonder why people choose Miami Beach as their home or home away from home. Fortunately for buyers, Miami Beach has many elegant waterfront condos and homes. Take a look at the best Miami Beach waterfront homes for sale, and get ready to make Miami Beach your next home or destination. 6466 North Bay Road, Miami, Beach, FL 33141 This fascinating contemporary masterpiece located at 6466 North Bay Road, Miami Beach,…
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Miami Beach is Packed with Events This April

04 03, 2017
Miami Beach is always hosting an array of interesting events. Miami Beach residents are lucky to experience fantastic food festival and inspiring music events. Fortunately for residents, they never have to stray far from Miami Beach to have a good time. April is jammed packed with events, so take a look at the events going on, and get out there and enjoy yourself. South Beach Triathlon Every April the South Beach Triathlon brings hundreds of athletes to South Beach. Athletes compete in running, swimming, and biking along the beautiful Miami Beach shoreline. The 2017 South Beach Triathlon is being hosted…
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3 Ways Miami Beach Real Estate Is Changing In 2017

03 29, 2017
Three ways Miami Beach real estate is changing in 2017 are the inclusion of more active design elements in new builds and neighborhoods, more city growth, and the development of separate neighborhoods within and surrounding the city. These changes play a role in population growth, tourism, and how the real estate market is affected throughout the year. Active design Many new buildings within Miami Beach real estate, such a condo complexes and other high rises, are including some active design into their builds. Active design is the idea that the public living spaces encourage people to socialize, exercise and live…
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Insanely Gorgeous Miami Beach Waterfront Homes That Just Hit The Market

03 29, 2017
Miami Beach waterfront homes are the crown jewels of the real estate market, and new properties being listed on almost a daily basis. Each property is gorgeous inside and out, much like these two examples of contemporary homes right on the Miami Beach waterfront. Each property has a luxury, resort style backyard complete with a pool and patio space. Other highlights include their gorgeous views, walls of windows to let the light in, and unique features that merge the indoor and outdoor spaces. 4395 Pine Tree Drive This gorgeous Miami Beach waterfront home has a unique profile and a resort…
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My Favorite Waterfront Homes For Sale In Miami, Florida

03 27, 2017
These three waterfront homes for sale in Miami, Florida are a few of my favorites because of their vastly unique exteriors and individual takes on a white color scheme inside. Each home has its own charms from backyard swimming pools, gorgeous waterfront views, to luxury master suites, and spacious living quarters. This collection of homes showcases the variety of waterfront homes for sale in Miami, Florida and represents the luxury lifestyle available currently on the market. 1796 S. Bayshore Lane The first of the waterfront homes for sale in Miami, Florida that became a fast favorite was this property in…
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4 Homes For Sale In Miami Beach, Florida With Irresistible Swimming Pools

03 24, 2017
There’s no shortage of waterfront homes for sale in Miami Beach, FL with irresistible swimming pools. But we’ve identified some of our favorites. These pools transform the backyard of the property into something you’d find in a resort or on vacation. Each of these Miami Beach homes have swimming pools suitable for relaxing, getting into shape, and even hosting parties to show off your purchase. All of these pools also have an amazing view and waterfrontage, which gives you even more to enjoy all from the comfort of your new backyard. 224 W. San Marino Drive The swimming pool at…
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Best Miami Beach Waterfront Homes with a Pool

03 22, 2017
There’s really nothing quite like living in Miami Beach, especially when you live in a gorgeous waterfront Miami Beach home. There’s even more to be said having a swimming pool in your own backyard! There’s nothing like waking up in the morning and going for a swim or a dip in your pool. Take a look at our take on the best Miami Beach waterfront homes with a pool, currently on the market. We hope that you can envision yourself living in one of these tropical domains. 150 South Hibiscus Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139 This Miami Beach waterfront home…
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Miami Beach Condos Near the Best Marinas

03 20, 2017
Miami Beach is known as the tropical paradise for avid boaters. Residents of Miami Beach are lucky to have two great marinas within close proximity to some of the most luxurious Miami Beach condos – Miami Beach Marina and Sunset Harbour Yacht Club. Although many buyers own yachts or boats, they may not be searching for a Miami Beach waterfront single-family home. Many buyers simply enjoy a true Miami Beach resort-style life living in some of the most gorgeous Miami Beach waterfront condos. Take a look at our take on some of the most fantastic Miami Beach condos near the…
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Top 3 Miami Beach Waterfront Homes for Sale on Star Island

03 15, 2017
Miami Beach has some of the most gorgeous waterfront homes in the world. Star Island Miami Beach is a prestigious private island within the City of Miami Beach, which fulfills that thought. Star Island is a guard-gated man-made island that offers 24/7 security and privacy to residents. Situated within Biscayne Bay, Star Island is only accessible via the MacArthur Causeway. Star Island offers very few lots, making property on this island highly coveted. Take a look at the top 3 Miami Beach waterfront homes for sale on Star Island; we’re sure you will find them to your liking. 46 Star…
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Miami Open - A Premiere Tennis Event

03 13, 2017
Each year, thousands of tennis aficionados and players flock to Miami’s picturesque Key Biscayne to spectate and participate in the Miami Open. This world-class tennis competition, is unlike any other in the world. Located just a short drive away from Miami Beach, Key Biscayne hosts this thrilling tennis event that showcases the best men and women tennis players in the world. Miami Open – On the Court Besides the Grand Slams of tennis, the Miami Open is the largest tennis event in the world. A total of 96 men and 96 women compete in the singles competition; while, 32 men’s…
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Miami Film Festival Brings Miami Beach Residents the Best in Film

03 09, 2017
Every year in March, hundreds of cinema lovers, both local and from elsewhere, flock to Miami to catch a glimpse of some the best films and documentaries around at the Miami Film Festival. Miami has always been seen in a good light when it comes to film and television, whether it be from filming in the city, stories about the city, or films produced by Miami residents. Recently, Miami has gotten much acclaim, thanks to the Academy Award-winning film, “Moonlight.” Miami Beach residents are fortunate enough to have so many of the best new films and documentaries showing close to…
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These Miami Beach Waterfront Homes Are an Avid Boater’s Delight

03 08, 2017
Miami Beach is a great place to live, whether you live in the city all year long, or are a seasonal resident. Miami Beach is a barrier island that sits between the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay, making the area a true delight for boating aficionados. The area is known for its wide beaches that line the islands oceanfront, as well as its haute dining, luxurious shopping, and thrilling entertainment options. It’s hard to resist the tropical climate and all that Miami Beach has to offer, so take a look at these Miami Beach waterfront homes that are an avid…
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Top 3 Most Ocean Accessible Homes in the Venetian Islands Miami Beach

03 06, 2017
The Venetian Islands Miami Beach is one of the most sought after neighborhoods in the area. The Venetian Islands are known for having some of the most stunning Miami Beach waterfront homes. In addition to having gorgeous views, quite a few of these homes offer a great deal of water frontage, decks, and ocean accessibility. One of the biggest reasons why people move to Miami is to be out on the water. If this sounds like you, then take a look at the top 3 most ocean accessible homes in the Venetian Islands Miami Beach, and get ready to make…
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Best Places in Miami Beach to Dine with Your Yacht

03 02, 2017
Miami Beach is the place to be for waterfront dining. The lovely, temperate temperatures allow for outdoor dining almost year round. The only thing better than living in Miami Beach and being able to experience waterfront dining on a regular basis, is being able to take your yacht out for a spin, then docking at a restaurant for culinary merriment. Take a look at the top 5 places in Miami Beach to dine with your yacht, and be ready to be enchanted with the Miami Beach boating lifestyle. Garcia’s Seafood Grille & Fish Market Garcia’s Seafood Grille & Fish Market…
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Best Aspects of Miami Beach Living

02 28, 2017
Miami Beach is a relatively small barrier island, but is known world-wide for offering residents great weather, amazing views, and a fabulous lifestyle. For those reasons, Miami Beach remains one of the top real estate markets in all of Florida. People flock to Miami Beach to purchase their dream Miami Beach waterfront homes; and, who can blame them, Miami Beach has so many wonderful aspects. Take a look at some of the best aspects of Miami Beach living; we are sure you will agree. Yachting/Boating Greater Miami and Miami Beach are surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay making…
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Top 3 Condos in South of Fifth’s Marea Project

02 24, 2017
South of Fifth is one of the most coveted places to reside in on Miami Beach. One of the area’s latest project is Marea South Beach. This project was brought to light by South Florida’s own, world-renowned, Related Group. The Marea project consists of two luxury boutique towers, offering 24 two and three bedroom condos in Miami Beach. In addition, the complex offers two townhome residences and four penthouses. Marea offers buyers luxurious resort-like amenities such as a private beach club, a lush courtyard, a rooftop pool, a state-of-the-art gym, and more, all in the heart of South Beach. Take…
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Top 3 Palm Island Waterfront Homes Under $25 Million

02 23, 2017
Palm Island Miami Beach is one of the most gorgeous islands in South Beach. Located in Biscayne Bay, just south of Hibiscus Island, this man-made island is only accessible via the MacArthur Causeway, which links the coveted island to Miami and Miami Beach. Palm Island is only 82 acres in size, and consequently property values tend to be relatively high. However, the prices are well worth it. Take a look at the top 3 Palm Island waterfront homes under $25 million that are currently on the market, and see if you are ready to make the move to “Island Life.”…
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Top 3 Pine Tree Drive Waterfront Homes Under $10 Million

02 17, 2017
Pine Tree Drive is one of the most picturesque neighborhoods of Miami Beach. This prestigious neighborhood stretches from 23rd to 63rd Street, and is located along the Eastern area of Miami Beach. Pine Tree Drive offers classic Miami Beach waterfront homes, and it is not out of the ordinary to come across homes with six or more bedrooms with lots greater than 10,000 square feet. Pine Tree Drive is a family-friendly, centrally located neighborhood that connects to Greater Miami via I-195/Julia Tuttle Causeway. Take a look at the top 3 Pine Tree Drive Waterfront Homes under $10 million dollars currently…
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Top 3 Miami Beach Oceanfront Condos Currently on the Market

02 15, 2017
Miami Beach is known as the “it” place for high-end oceanfront condos. Fortunately, for buyers, there is currently a surplus of amazing condos on the market. Miami Beach is comprised of several neighborhoods, and these three wonderful condos are located in three of the most sought after areas – SoFi, the Faena District, and Fisher Island. Take a look at the top 3 Miami Beach oceanfront condos currently on the market. 321 Ocean Unit PH 900 One of South Beach Miami Beach’s hottest developments is 321 Ocean. This turnkey 2-story oceanfront penthouse located at 321 Ocean Drive # PH 900,…
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These Miami Beach Waterfront Homes Have The Bay As Their Backyard

02 13, 2017
Everyone knows Miami is about more than just great weather, low taxes and great nightlife. Those who live here or want to move here or invest here know the real beauty of this land isn’t the land at all — it’s the miles and miles of pristine waterfront. Nothing beats living on Biscayne Bay, where sailboats and yachts cruise up and down all year long, and dolphins and manatees are regular guests. These Miami Beach waterfront homes have just what the doctor ordered. 700 W. Dilido Drive For a Miami Beach waterfront home designed with tropical inspiration, check out 700…
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Trader Joe’s is Set to Open in Miami Beach to Residents' Delight

02 10, 2017
Trader Joe’s is set to open in Miami Beach, much to residents’ delight. For those of you who don’t know, Trader Joe’s is a beloved neighborhood grocery store chain, which offers patrons amazing, name-brand food and drink products from around the globe all packaged in their name-brand label packaging. Famous for its cedar planked walls and employees decked in cool Hawaiian shirts, this store is a favorite among thousands. Trader Joe’s specializes in non-GMO items and other unique products. The announcement of the new Trader Joe’s location was made by attorney Mickey Marrero from Becrow, Radell, Fernandez, and Larkin at…
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Top 3 Homes for Sale on La Gorce Island Under $11 Million

02 08, 2017
La Gorce Island is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Miami Beach. This island is situated just south of Normandy Isle, and offers residents an array of architectural styles ranging from modern to historic. La Gorce Island offers buyers both waterfront and dry lot homes set in a lush landscape with palms and abundant foliage. This fantastic tropical paradise is a place that anyone would love to call. Check out the top 3 homes currently for sale on La Gorce Island under $11 million, and make your moving dreams a reality. 58 La Gorce Circle, Miami Beach, FL 33141…
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What’s It Like To Live In Miami Beach Waterfront Condos?

02 06, 2017
Living in a Miami Beach waterfront condo is a luxurious experience. All three of these waterfront homes for sale on Miami Beach include the amenities of an upscale hotel while also providing a unique home between city life and the beach. Each waterfront condo has an amazing ocean view and modern floor plan, but each unit stands out with their design and unique features. These Miami Beach waterfront condos showcase the high life of Miami Beach living. 102 24th St. #PH1610 The Miami Beach waterfront condo at 102 24th St. is an amazing penthouse with direct ocean views. This condo…
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Best North Bay Road Miami Beach Waterfront Homes with a Pool

02 03, 2017
North Bay Road is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods within the City of Miami Beach. Not only is this wonderful, high-end neighborhood situated in a quiet section of a lively city, but this area is known for having some of the best Miami Beach waterfront homes available. Living in South Florida, it’s almost a necessity to have a pool in your very own backyard to enjoy at your leisure. Take a look at our picks for the best North Bay Road Miami Beach waterfront homes with a pool in their backyards; let’s see if you agree with us on…
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Why Miami Beach Waterfront Homes Are A Boater’s Dream

02 01, 2017
Miami Beach waterfront homes are ideal for an avid boater because they are right on the water and many include a private dock along with at least 100 feet of waterfrontage. This combination makes any Miami Beach waterfront property both an investment and a joy for boaters. Each of these three homes has a private dock, making it that much easier to enjoy your boat without having to drive to the marina or worry about your vessel while you’re away. 5050 N. Bay Drive The Miami Beach waterfront home at 5050 N. Bay Drive is an iconic estate that exemplifies…
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Top 3 Miami Beach Neighborhoods with the Best Waterfront Homes – Round Two

01 30, 2017
As mentioned in last week’s post, there are several amazing Miami Beach neighborhoods with awesome Miami Beach waterfront homes. For that reason, we knew that we were going to have a round two of the top Miami Beach neighborhoods with the best waterfront homes. Get ready to continue learning about the very best waterfront opportunities Miami Beach has to offer you and your family. Allison Island Allison Island is a guard-gated community, which offers Miami Beach residents 24/7 security and tranquility within a bustling beach city. Residents seeking luxurious waterfront homes with stellar views and unobstructed water access to both…
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Exclusive Listings: 5 Waterfront Homes For Sale On Miami Beach

01 25, 2017
These five exclusive listings showcase the best Miami Beach waterfront condos currently on the market. All five of these condos or penthouses have amazing ocean views and have a good balance of indoor and outdoor living space. Several of these listings are turnkey, which means they are practically move-in ready for the right buyer. These Miami Beach waterfront homes are luxurious and have an amazing balance of minimal design with sophisticated accents to suit any lifestyle and design preference. For those looking for Miami Beach waterfront properties, these exclusive Pobiak Properties listings are ideal for those looking for something on…
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Top 3 Miami Beach Neighborhoods with the Best Waterfront Homes – Round One

01 19, 2017
Miami Beach is known for its glistening sands, sparkling waters, and exciting nightlife. For that reason, many people flock to Miami Beach and call it home or their second home. With that being said, when seeking to purchase a property in Miami Beach, everyone’s priority is to purchase a waterfront home to have easy access to the bay and ocean. Contrary to popular belief, not all homes in Miami Beach are waterfront homes; so let us help you discover some Miami Beach neighborhoods with the best waterfront homes in Miami Beach. North Bay Road North Bay Road features some of…
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Best Gyms in Miami Beach to Get Fit for the New Year

01 09, 2017
The New Year is upon us, and it’s time to put those New Year resolutions into action! Whether you want to feel healthier, lose weight, or feel less stressed, a gym is the best place to start. Take a look at our list for the best gyms in Miami Beach to get fit for the New Year. If your favorite gym isn’t on the list, contact us, and let us know about your favorite workout spot. Equinox South Beach Equinox Miami Beach, which is located within the Collins Avenue Shopping District, demonstrates the standard of the Equinox brand. This location…
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South Beach Offers Buyers a Steal at The Murano Grande at Portofino

01 05, 2017
The Murano Grande at Portofino is one of the most sought after Miami Beach developments. Located at 400 Alton Road, Miami Beach, in the South of Fifth neighborhood of South Beach, this luxury condominium building features everything even the most discerning buyer could or would need or ask for. The Murano Grande at Portofino offers buyers amazing views, resort-like amenities, and more. Great Unit in Murano Grande The condominium unit featured here is unit #2806 in The Murano Grande, and was recently reduced, for a quick sale, and a fast, no-hassle move-in. Listed at $3,050,000 this beach house in the…
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New Year’s Eve Celebrations for All Ages Near Miami Beach

12 21, 2016
Miami Beach is known for throwing some great parties and events, so it’s no surprise that New Year’s Eve in and around Miami Beach offers some great celebrations for all ages! Let us guide you and your family to ring in the New Year with our list of the best New Year’s Eve celebrations near Miami Beach. Whether you choose to party in style, dance the night away, or catch a spectacular fireworks show, we have the perfect celebration for you! Pitbull’s New Year’s Eve Revolution Miami Beach residents can head on over to Bayfront Park for the largest free…
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Holiday Fun for the Whole Family Near Miami Beach

12 14, 2016
Living in Miami Beach, it may seem like Christmas will never arrive. With the sun always shining and temperatures soaring to the mid-80s, it’s hard to grasp that we are actually in December and that the holiday season is already upon us. However, families living in Miami Beach can cheer up, as there are plenty of holiday events going on close to home. No matter what winter celebration you celebrate, you will find an event or outing that will give you a dose of holiday cheer. Miami Beach and the surrounding areas have many fun holiday events that have already…
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Top 4 Pre-Construction Buildings in Miami Beach

11 29, 2016
Miami Beach has an abundance of luxury real estate built and ready to move in; however, Miami Beach’s pre-construction market is currently a hot commodity. What’s not to love about amazing ocean and city views, plus easy access to the beach? For those reasons alone, people are vying to purchase pre-construction Miami Beach condos and Miami Beach penthouses. This list of the top 4 Pre-Construction Buildings in Miami Beach features pre-construction projects breaking ground in 2017 Faena Versailles Classic 3201 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33140. The Classic building at Faena Versailles will feature 22 units and five floor plans,…
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The Top 5 Most Luxurious Oceanfront Condo Buildings on Miami Beach

11 28, 2016
Miami Beach is known for having some of the most extravagant waterfront homes and oceanfront condos.  People living in this vacation capitol of the world live in the lap of luxury. Miami Beach offers residents fine dining, high-end shopping, and an unlimited entertainment selection.  On top of all that, Miami Beach offers residents gorgeous surf and sand.  Interested in living in this splendid city?  If so, take a look at the top 5 most luxurious oceanfront condominium buildings on Miami Beach. Continuum in South Beach. The Continuum in South Beach is a lavish resort-style oceanfront condominium complex located in the…
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