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Category Archives: Miami waterfront real estate

Miami Beach Homes for sale on water

Looking for the best houses for sale in Miami Beach?

May 10, 2017

If you’re looking for the best houses for sale in Miami Beach, you should look for something that provides a unique living experience and stands out from the rest. These three homes offer something different and are great examples of luxury living in Miami Beach. Each have their own luxurious view and outdoor living areas […]

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waterfront homes for sale in miami - pobiak cover

My Favorite Waterfront Homes For Sale In Miami, Florida

March 27, 2017

These three waterfront homes for sale in Miami, Florida are a few of my favorites because of their vastly unique exteriors and individual takes on a white color scheme inside. Each home has its own charms from backyard swimming pools, gorgeous waterfront views, to luxury master suites, and spacious living quarters. This collection of homes […]

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