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Category Archives: Miami Neighborhoods

Pobiak Properties - Top 3 Miami Beach Waterfront Neighborhoods

Top 3 Miami Beach Neighborhoods with the Best Waterfront Homes – Round One

January 19, 2017

Miami Beach is known for its glistening sands, sparkling waters, and exciting nightlife. For that reason, many people flock to Miami Beach and call it home or their second home. With that being said, when seeking to purchase a property in Miami Beach, everyone’s priority is to purchase a waterfront home to have easy access […]

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Pobiak Holiday Fun Near Miami Beach

Holiday Fun for the Whole Family Near Miami Beach

December 14, 2016

Living in Miami Beach, it may seem like Christmas will never arrive. With the sun always shining and temperatures soaring to the mid-80s, it’s hard to grasp that we are actually in December and that the holiday season is already upon us. However, families living in Miami Beach can cheer up, as there are plenty […]

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