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March 29, 2017

3 Ways Miami Beach Real Estate Is Changing In 2017

Three ways Miami Beach real estate is changing in 2017 are the inclusion of more active design elements in new builds and neighborhoods, more city growth, and the development of separate neighborhoods within and surrounding the city. These changes play a role in population growth, tourism, and how the real estate market is affected throughout the year.

Miami Beach Real Estate - Pobiak Properties

Active design

Many new buildings within Miami Beach real estate, such a condo complexes and other high rises, are including some active design into their builds. Active design is the idea that the public living spaces encourage people to socialize, exercise and live a
healthy lifestyle. Most of these features focus on physical health, like including a fitness center or gym space in addition to a pool and pathways, but designs and features can include multiple elements to create a healthy well being. Other features like spaces to socialize with and meet new friends, as well as mental health retreat spaces like gardens, water features, and quiet spaces can contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Creating some active design elements will get people out of their homes and enjoying the entire building as well as the surrounding property. This encourages people to become part of their community and frequent the local shops, for coffee, shopping, and dining as well as accessing the walking trails and stairs instead of staying inside at home. Including active design elements helps make properties more profitable and creates a unique sense of community.

City growth

Miami Beach real estate is also picking up in terms of city growth. Now that some single family home properties can be turned into multi-story buildings, there’s been a lot of people moving directly into or closer to the city. Many urban dwellers are wanting to live in the city because there’s where everything’s happening. More people are walking instead of driving mostly due to the traffic and because the city has everything centrally located. This is also contributing to the very distinct neighborhoods in Miami Beach and the surrounding area.

A great example of city growth is the Brickell area. With Echo Brickell and other condo structures, along with the shopping and dining experiences at Brickell City Centre, this has become a highly sought after destination. Due to the popularity of Brickell, the city is growing and more people are visiting or moving into the area.

Distinct neighborhoods

Along with the city growth, Miami Beach real estate is seeing that distinct neighborhoods are developing in Miami Beach and the surrounding area. Each neighborhood has their own unique personality and offers vibrant and attractive living with their own flavors of dining and nightlife. This development is great for tourism and is attractive to new businesses as well. Due to the neighborhood and city growth, both areas are seeing an increase in pedestrian traffic and a higher demand for public transportation compared to previous years. The convenience of daily shops and dining creates a self-sufficient pocket in each neighborhood, and with the neighborhood’s having their own personality it’s great for tourism and balancing downtown city life.